The Kinhuette is located on a ridge 2584m high above the Kintole, an imposing gorge. The view of the Matterhorn is worth the climb in itself. It is an important starting point for tours to the Taeschhorn. It can also be used as a stage for the hiking tour around Monte Rosa (TMR).

    • Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge: On July 29, 2017, the longest pedestrian suspension bridge “Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge” in the world was opened. The 494 meter long bridge connects Zermatt and Grächen on the Europaweg. At the highest point you are 85 meters above the ground. Being free from giddiness is an advantage!
    • The Taeschhorn (4491 m), the Grabenhorn (3372 m), the Kinhorn (3750 m) and the Dom (4545 m) are particularly suitable for high altitude tours. Some of these peaks are among the best known and highest in the Alps and are very popular among mountaineers.

    • In July 2009, a new route was set up from the Kinhuette to the Taeschhorn using 60m long steel cables, 15 iron pins and 35 stirrups!


      Taeschhorn 4491 m 632/103
      Grabenhorn 3372 m 629/104
      Kinhorn 3750 m 630/102
      Dom 4545 m 632/104

      High altitude  tours

      Kinhorn – Grabenhorn – Taeschhorn 4490m
      Crossing Taeschhorn-Dom
      Descent of Taeschhorn via Mischabelgrat to the
      Mischabeljochbiwack 3855m
      Festi-Kinn-Lücke descent to the Dom Hut
      Also suitable location for Europaweg stage

      Walks (currently only available in German)

      W1: Neu mit Hängebrückenerlebnis: Wanderung Randa-Zermatt via Kinhütte
      W2: von Täsch auf Europaweg via Edelweisweg zur Kinhütte
      W3: von Täsch auf Europaweg via Tierfäd zur Kinhütte
      W4: vom Camping Attermenzen via Bergji und Springelbode über Edelweisweg zur Kinhütte
      W5: vom Camping Attermenzen via Wildi, Tschuggen, Walden über Tierfäd zur Kinhütte
      W6: vom Camping Attermenzen via Wildi, Tschuggen, Grüngarten über Tierfäd zur Kinhütte
      W7: von Randa via Tschuggen und Tierfäd zur Kinhütte
      W8: von Randa via Wildi, Wildikin und Springelbode zur Kintole auf Edelweisweg zur Kinhütte
      W9: von Randa via Lärchberg auf Europaweg über Grüngarten und Tierfäd zur Kinhütte
      W10: vom Europaweg via Tierfäd zur Kinhütte, dann via Edelweissweg zurück auf Europaweg